General Information

Check-out Policies and Procedures

Tyro Elementary Students are always welcome in the Media Center.  Each class has a scheduled class circulation time.

Kindergarten, first, and second grade students may check-out one book each visit.  Third, Fourth, and fifth graders may check-out two books each visit.  Students are allowed to keep books for a week and can renew a book by bringing it to the circulation desk.

Overdue Books 
Students who have overdue books are not allowed to check-out another book until the overdue books are returned.  While there are no overdue fines, students are required to pay for lost or damaged materials.

Damaged Books 
If a library book is damaged beyond repair, the student must pay for the book.  If a library book is damaged, borrowing privileges will be limited. 

Lost Books 
If a library book is lost, the student is required to pay the replacement fees for the book.  Borrowing privileges may be limited until payment is received for the lost book.

*If you or your student has a suggestion for materials, please let us know!