Next week, PTO is starting a fund drive to raise money towards the purchase of another playground.  On October 5th, we will begin collecting pennies and any spare change in each classroom to assist in meeting our goal.  

PTO Goal:  It was brought to our organization’s attention the need for an additional playground for our children.  With the current recreational time, they are limited with usage because grade levels are separated during recess to ensure safety.  Another playground will enable two grade levels to coexist at allotted times in different areas.  Due to the cost factors involved in the playground equipment and installation, PTO has elected to reserve all funds towards these purchases.  With the help our administration, teachers, parents and community support, we anticipate reaching this goal.

A bulletin board across from the media center will display monthly grade level totals.  Also, the school will make announcements and provide grade level recognition each month.  At the completion of the drive, the grade with the highest total receives an additional recess.
Please consider contributing to this cause and help our children acquire the additional playground needed at Tyro.  All donations are greatly appreciated.   

Every PENNY can make a difference!