(Officers, Representatives, Mission and Goal 2015-16)

  Tonya York and Brooke Williams
Secretaries:  Shelly Wilson and Alison Koonts
Treasurers:  Angie Crews and Beth Broom
Box Tops; Campbell’s; Tyson Labels:  Nichole Howell
Coke and Kellogg’s Rewards:  Alisha Scearce
Shoparoo:  Jennie McDonald

Grade Level Representatives:  
K:    Christina Harrington
1st:  Mark Petruzzi
2nd:  Brooke Peeler
3rd:  Jennie McDonald  
4th:  Martha Newsome
5th:  Chantelle Drietz
Principal:  Leah Leonard
Administrative Representative:  Susan Mazur

Tyro Elementary PTO Mission:  The purpose of the organization shall be to aid the students of Tyro Elementary by providing support for their educational and recreational needs and to promote open communication between administration, teachers and parents.

2015-2016 Tyro Elementary PTO Goal:  It was brought to our organization’s attention the need for an additional playground for our children.  With the current recreational time, they are limited with usage because grade levels are separated during recess to ensure safety.  Another playground will enable two grade levels to coexist at allotted times in different areas.  Due to the cost factors involved in the playground equipment and installation, PTO has elected to reserve all funds towards these purchases.  With the help our administration, teachers, parents and community support, we anticipate reaching this goal.