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A Section 504 plan is a legally binding document that falls under the provisions of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, a Federal Civil Rights Law (Office of Civil Rights) protecting the rights of individuals with disabilities. 


It is not meant to make an average student an A/B student.  It is also not meant to provide accommodations just for testing. 

Section 504 is meant to level the playing field in the classroom for those students with disabilities that substantially limit a major life function .

Eligibility requirements (must look at all 3 eligibility requirements):


1. The student must have a disability (physical or mental such as ADHD, Diabetes, OCD, Bipolar, Asthma, Hearing Loss, etc.). Keep in mind, that just because a student has a disability doesn't necessarily mean he/she will qualify for a 504. 

  • Slow learner is not a disability alone
  • Working slower than others is not a disability alone (needing extended time)
  • Trouble filling in scantron bubbles is not a disability

2. The disability must impact a major life function.

  • such as caring for one's self, walking, seeing, learning, hearing, reading, concentration/focus, etc.

3. The disability must SUBSTANTIALLY limit a major life function.

  •  Average is not a substantial limitation

It is a common misconception that if a student doesn't qualify for or is being exited from EC/IDEA he/she automatically is qualified for a 504.  This is not true!!!   The student can be referred for section 504 but they must go through the referral process and meet the appropriate criteria.  A team of educators will make the decison based on the above eligibility requirements for each child.


The Section 504 coordinator at Tyro Elementary is Angie Lanning.  If you feel your child may qualify for a 504 or if you have questions about a 504, you may talk to your child's teacher or contact Angie Lanning by phone or email