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General Information

Library Hours:
The Tyro Elementary Library is open on school days Monday through Friday 7:30-2:30.  See Media Center Calendar for more information.
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Our Check-out Policies and Procedure:
Tyro Elementary Students are always welcome in the Media Center.  Each class has a scheduled time for lessons and check out every week.  
Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Students may check-out one book each visit.  Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Students may check out two books each visit.  Books are due the following week; however, they can be renewed by bringing the book by the circulation desk.
Overdue Books:
Students who have overdue books checked out are not allowed to check-out another book until the overdue book is returned.  However, we do have a small selection of books students may borrow from if they forget their book.  Where there are no overdue fees, students are required to pay for lost or damaged books. 
Damaged Books:
If a library book is damaged beyond repair, the student must pay for the book.  If a library book is damaged, checkout privileges will be limited. 
Lost Books:
If a library book is lost, the student is required to pay the replacement fee for the book. Checkout privileges may be limited until payment is received for the lost book.
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Our Library Mission:
Within our Tyro Elementary Media Center we will love, encourage and support one another as we develop a love for reading and information skills.
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